BAV (Belden Audio/Video) Power and Audio Cables

In addition to the Iconoclast range of products, we offer some specialty cabling based in some cases upon Belden commercial and industrial cable products and in others upon adaptation of the Iconoclast design work to more conventional materials with higher flexibility.

BAV Power:

For power cables, we use Belden's 19105, 19106 and 19107 cable stocks, with EPDM insulation and high-flex 10, 12 and 14 AWG conductors. These are available with a US-type duplex plug on one end and either an IEC C15 or an IEC C19 connector (see photo below to compare to your power input) on the other. Our plugs are housed in a sturdy aluminum backshell which provides ample room for these very thick cable stocks.

The EPDM insulation on the cable provides a nice matte black finish. However, if you prefer a woven nylon jacket, we also can cover these in Techflex -- either in black or in a sandy light brown -- for a slight upcharge.

Plug Choices:

Here are the C15 and C19 plug layouts. The C15 is on the left, and is the more commonly seen type; the C19 is on the right.

BAV Power Cables:
All terminated with standard US 3-prong (NEMA 5-15P) plug on one end, IEC C15 or C19 on the other
in feet
Cable StockConnectors Techflex Price


Along with the development of the Iconoclast XLR cable, Galen Gareis worked up a more studio-friendly version. This was to be marketed by Belden under the product number 2468, though that seems not to have happened and so for the time being, at least, we're the only ones who have it. The BAV XLR cable uses the same air-tube design as the Iconoclast XLR, but the materials are more flexible and conventional. A soft PVC jacket makes the cable easier to work with and it will "drape" in situations where the Iconoclast will not. This softer configuration does not lend itself to the 4x4 design -- trying to keep those barely-separated conductors apart in a high flex cable is not really feasible -- so the BAV cable follows the original 4x1 design.

Belden BAV XLR Cables:
High-Flex cable modeled after the Gen 1 design; Black PVC jacket
Length in feetPair or Single Price


Just as the Iconoclast XLR has a BAV counterpart, so does the Iconoclast RCA. The BAV RCA cable uses the same PE/PVC materials as the BAV XLR cable, but with a single conductor in one air tube rather than a star quad in four air tubes. Like the Iconoclast RCA, it carries a double bare copper braid shield. We terminate this cable using Canare solder-type RCA plugs.

Belden BAV RCA Cables:
High-Flex cable modeled after the Gen 1 design; Black PVC jacket
Length in feetPair or Single Price

BAV 1313A and 1310A Speaker Cable:

Belden makes excellent conventional speaker cable stocks, and here we offer two of those: 1313A and 1310A. 1313A is a straightforward two-conductor OFHC speaker cable, while 1310A is a star-quad design with four conductors, suitable for bi-wiring. These are wrapped in nylon Techflex braiding, with heatshrink on the ends for a fancier-than-bare appearance, and can be supplied with our welded banana plugs or with the gold-plated version of our welded spade lugs.

Belden 1313A Speaker Cables:
Conventional 2-conductor OFHC design, 10AWG
Length in feetPair or Single Connectors Price
Belden 1310A Speaker Cables:
Four-conductor OFHC design, 14AWG
Length in feetPair or Single Connectors (select for each end) Price

BAV REL-compatible Subwoofer Cables:

We also offer Belden 1310A speaker cable in special configurations meant to be used with REL subwoofers. These come in three configurations: a single three-wire cable (Speakon to spades), a pair of two-wire cables (Speakons to spades), or the "six-pack" configuration, where the pair of two-wire cables are accompanied by a set of four jumpers. If you have any questions about which setup is appropriate for you, please give us a call and ask for Jeff or Andrew. Please note that while this product is compatible with REL subwoofers it is not a REL-branded, REL-licensed or REL-authorized product and we are not in any way affiliated with REL.

REL-Compatible Belden 1310A Speaker Cables:
Please be sure to select correct configuration, below
Length in feetConfiguration Connectors (amp end) Price

Return Policy:

We accept returns for any reason whatsoever within 30 days of purchase.