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About Us:


Iconoclast Cable products, and the Iconoclast Cable brand name, are the intellectual property of Belden, Inc. The cables were designed by the now-retired Belden engineer Galen Gareis, and are brought to market by Blue Jeans Cable.


Belden has been producing communications wire and cable products for over a hundred years, since Joe Belden began producing silk-wrapped magnet wire for telephone coils. There's not a lot of call for silk-wrapped magnet wire these days, but over that century Belden's product range grew and grew, encompassing such things as RF feedlines, microphone cable, coaxial cables of many different sorts, and data cabling. Belden has long been noted for technical innovation in communications cabling, with a range of the best and most widely used products in difficult applications such as HD-SDI video.

While Belden is well known among industrial and commercial users, it has, these days, almost no presence in the consumer market. Indeed, we find that most of the time when people say they are familiar with Belden, they're thinking of the similarly-named but completely unrelated company Belkin, which mostly sells consumer-market cable assemblies.

Blue Jeans Cable:

Blue Jeans Cable is a cable assembly shop in Seattle, Washington. It was formed in 2002, when Kurt Denke, formerly a lawyer and ham radio hobbyist, decided to try to bring some of Belden's commercially successful cables to the consumer market for audio and home theater enthusiasts. The effort was well received in the online community, and in addition to selling "stock" Belden cables, Blue Jeans Cable eventually introduced various custom cables of its own, such as the BJC LC-1 Audio Interconnect, and broadened into the broadcast and data markets as well. We now employ about ten full-time people in assembly and distribution of electronic cables of many different sorts.

At Blue Jeans Cable, we believe that if you can't sell a product to a well-informed consumer, it's not worth selling. We believe it is the duty of a vendor to know his product inside and out and stand behind its quality, and our work with Belden has helped us to be able to meet those standards.

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