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International Orders

We welcome orders from anywhere in the world. Unfortunately, international borders do sometimes make doing business a bit more complicated both for us and for you, and so there are a few things you should be aware of if you are ordering cables for shipment to a location outside of the United States.

Shipping Methods:

Iconoclast cables can be shipped to the UK or Canada by Federal Express International Priority. To other non-US destinations, we ship by USPS International Priority Express; in most countries these shipments will be delivered by your national postal service, though this may vary from country to country. Alternatively to either of these, if you have a Federal Express or DHL account, we can ship on your account.

Handling of Duties, Customs Charges and VAT:

Deliveries to most countries outside the USA will give rise to liability for taxes and/or fees on import. These may take the form of import duty, VAT or sales tax, and customs brokerage charges. A few notes on these:

Mis-Statements of Value: While we sympathize with those who feel that the charges they face on international shipments are excessive, we CANNOT mis-state the value, or label a shipment as a gift, in order to reduce these charges. Many customs authorities are very strict; we have sometimes been fined for misrepresenting value when we hadn't even done it!

Payment of Taxes and Charges: We are registered as an importer in the UK and in Canada; we are therefore able, when shipping to those countries, to bill you for taxes up front, so that the package arrives with no additional amount due. To all other countries, any taxes will be billed to you and, in most cases, will have to be paid prior to receipt of the goods.

Refunds of Taxes and Charges: If you return items to us, we will refund you what you have paid us for them: the purchase price of the goods. In the case of the UK and Canada, we will also refund the applicable taxes. But note: we have no ability to recover taxes which were paid on import to any other country in the event of a return. If these taxes are recoverable from your country's taxing authorities, you will need to pursue that recovery yourself and accept the risk that you may not be successful in recovering them.

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