Iconoclast Gen2 interconnect update

NOTE: This paper was originally written prior to the introduction of Iconoclast Gen2 interconnects, so while some references are to the future, that future is now…. BACKGROUND:  To possibly improve the performance of the XLR, to maybe achieve even lower L and C,  we would need to revise the current design…and it will jump up […]

XLR Design Brief

1.0 Conductors 1.1 Copper Size2.0 Dielectric Materials3.0 Dielectric geometry4.0 Shield Material and design considerations5.0 Jacket design and material considerations 1.0 Conductors. Copper Size. BOTH of the copper conductor and size considerations were answered when we started the RCA cable. We don’t want to change the current coherence with a differing conductor diameter if we are […]